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Sep 1

Written by: KenP
9/1/2015 3:02 PM

Apologies to readers for my tardiness in updating the blog and announcing that I am moving to my retirement home in HHI, SC.  All the fun responsibilities with preparing for actual retirement have had me off the creek and in many cases in HH attending to business and fishing.  The 12 miles of public beach on HH, still need my attention too.So....I walked the WWC and observed the low water conditions and the holes and many hiding spots we never see during regular or high water conditions.  In 1989 I mapped the creek in detail, but with the high water events the map is really just ancient history.You get a new appreciation for the fight stocked trout realize to survive on the WCC DH.  I only noticed spawning behavior on one occation and have caught a few under stocking size small brown trout throughout the years.  The stream is really not fishable at this time and the hot weather make the decision to be after them, just not a good idea.  Leave the fishing to the egret family in residence on the creek.Thx for all your supportive words about the blog and taking care of our creek over the years.  I plan to have a kick-ass sale of fly tying materials and hooks, plus $100 fly rods, and rod components.  Stay tuned for that.



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