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Fishing Updates
Apr 28

Written by: KenP
4/28/2015 11:32 AM

Hope you are finding your spring fishing up to expectations.  This monthly update will find the White Clay Creek, a Delaware River, fishing exceptionally well especially since the state stocking were successful.  Thx to those of you who continually volunteer your time to make the creek stockings a success.  It just doesnt happan as you well know.  The Big Elk creek got some nicely colored fish this year. By the looks of those on stringers a fair number have been fooled.  Deer Creek is on mother natures schedule, not ours. It has been hit or miss for those visiting this spring.  Thx to the fly pattern introduced to me by Balt native Larry P, I have been in both catagories this year.  Had a few nicer sized though.

Thx for all those greetings for good health.  I feel good and the tests show that I can look forward to a great  fishing life,



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