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Jan 2

Written by: KenP
1/2/2015 4:50 PM

Thx to all of your positive thoughts and prayers I am on the mend from prostate cancer.  Had it removed.  Spent a half hour trying to bend down to lace my wading boots and was exhausted. Maybe that's why they wanted me to refrain for 6 weeks.  Just past 4!  Did fish for an hour with my Tenkara setup and caught one brown.  The White Clay Creek, a Delaware River in the PA preserve had a winter stocking thx to the the White Clay Fly Fishers and the volunteers that helped.  Fish were supplied from revenue from the custom rod donation by past president Dick P and the help of the local fly shops selling tix. I hope to be feeling up to fishing more days in 2015 as my recovery allows.  Stream conditions looked normal for the early winter.  Flows about normal.  Saw the heron, who followed me at a discreet distance during this trip.  I should follow him, as he has to fish to eat.  More when I get back from a short road trip. Happy New Year to all the blog followers.


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