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Author: KenP Created: 7/15/2008 6:02 PM
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By KenP on 10/30/2014 9:33 AM

Gave the home waters on the White Clay Creek in the Delaware fly stretch a try today.  I didn't get very far before landing a number of browns using my recently purchased Tenkara rod.  I have used it all summer and since I am the speaker at the White Clay Fly Fishers November 18th meeting and my presentation is about Tenkara fishing, I thought I would give it an autumnal try on the recently stocked fish.  They all were very interested in the Tenkara style fly I presented and it is very easy to reach the fish on the WCC by wading strategically, with the 11-6" rod.  I was able to land enough fish in the first half hour to satisfy my Tenkara curiosity again today, and I plan on trying the Tenkara rod and flies on my favorite waters in PA again tomorrow. It was just plain fun.


By KenP on 10/29/2014 9:41 AM

Broke out the Tenkara rod for a trip to my favorite stretch in the PA preserve on the White Clay Creek.  No vest, no reel, just the rod, a small box of flies and some tippet matl and a nipper.  Very light load.  I could get used to this.  It may be my winter outfit too, no frozen guides or frozen hands as no stripping is required.  Only way my hands will get wet is releasing a fish, which happened quite a few time today.  All browns today and they all hit the same dry fly dangled from the end of the Tenkara's flippy light tip.  So much fun.  It takes me back to those days of fishing with a cane pole for blue gill and crappy on Rockland lake.  The gear is so light you could carry it on your bike. just like in the past.  I'm gunna use it again tomorrow in DE on some stockers recently put in.  I need a few pix also for the upcoming presentation I am doing on Nov 18th a ... Read More »


By KenP on 10/27/2014 11:28 AM

Fished a section of the DH on the White Clay Creek, a Delaware River in PA preserve today.  I pretty much plan on using streamers in the fall as the trout want a bigger meal since the biomass of insects is on the small side.  The cooler weather also seems to trigger the need for a big meal.  That said a golden retriever sz 10/12 works and so does all of the bugger patterns I carry.  Today I used an Edson Tiger dark sz 8 with very good success.  Most of the trout caught today were browns with just one rainbow coming to hand.  The fish seemed to be podded up in a few locations as the water is still quite low.  Water temp today was 50 degrees.


By KenP on 10/23/2014 9:17 PM

Just got back from the Salmon River in NY state and I must admit it can be the most frustrating place to fish.  It it absolutely the most difficult river in the world to wade safely as the grapefruit shaped rocks move under your feet and the flat bottom is as slippery as an ice rink.  When the fish are not moving, like they were on this trip, you have to wade to find them, which requires wearing korker style studs and carrying a sharp- pointed wading stick.  Total salmon for the four day fishing trip was 4, and the total steel head also four.  Not what you expect based on the scores of fish that were hooked and landed in the past.  But I used a few of the new rods I am offering in my new Vintage Rod business, and they performed terrifically.  The 11 8 wt switch rod was just the right tool for the 25-40 pound salmon you can expect and the 10'-4" 6 wt was the ticket for the steelhead which average about 9-1 ... Read More »

By KenP on 10/6/2014 1:42 PM

I have had a number of calls about the rods, and yes they are an extreme value.  They are marked Northern Guide model which if you search the web, you will see they are a popular model in the UK.  Don't be put off by the pricing you see in pounds or Euros, in US $$$$ these rods are priced to move.  Stop over for a test drive and cast a few.  Sometimes you can find an offering that is too good to pass up.  I am not kidding.  You will not be disappointed if you buy one of these.


By KenP on 10/6/2014 1:30 PM

First this news flash.......Read all the way through today.

>  I have acquired a number of finished fly rods I am making available to blog readers.  Special pricing has been applied to these rods.  Included in the offering are:

Switch rods, trout rods, and saltwater models.  I can also offer matching lines for all the models so no guess work is required, especially for the switch models.  Call me for availability cause when they are gone they are gone.  Really unbelievable value.  All the rods include a sock and tube and most of the trout models include a spare tip.  All are four piece rods. I have pers ... Read More »

By KenP on 10/5/2014 1:10 PM

Here are some catch up items but first fishing the White Clay Creek, a Delaware River

> today....I fished the delayed harvest stretch that I describe as my favorite section.  Those of you who are regular readers know where that is just below London Tract Road.  The straight stretch below the mud bank held a few nice rainbows - a surprise as it has only been holding browns.  The rocky corner held two nice browns. All the fish were taken on a golden retriver sz 10.  The water continues to be low, but the fish are now in holes that have revealed themselve due to the conditions.

>  Last week the WCFF ... Read More »

By KenP on 10/4/2014 1:08 PM

Looks like the blog issues are resolved. Back to reporting the fishing


By KenP on 7/30/2014 12:32 PM

Spent some vaction time with my family on the Southern Outter Banks fishing the surf and bay.  Over the two weeks we had some changeable weather that had the surf pretty dirty and full of sargosum weed some days.  I did have an Emerald Isle slam on the last day.  One of each...pompano, flounder, spanish mackeral, spot, plus a snapper blue and too many pin fish to count.

I stopped by the White Clay yesterday and found it still looking like chocholate milk, after the stormy evening.  Not really fishable even with streamers.  I plan to revisit and post on my next outing.


By KenP on 7/28/2014 12:38 PM

The White Clay Creek was running very high and muddy today, the effects from overnight storminess.  Just not fishable today.


By KenP on 6/22/2014 9:40 AM

I tyed flies today as a representative of the White Clay Fly Fishers at the Delaware Museum of Natural History, while supporting their exhibit Bugs out of the box.  The exhibit also includes a beautiful display of flies tyed by club members shown with history and  substance.  Educational, interesting and artfully displayed is only part of the description of the offerng to the museum.  Of course, I was tying black buggers for the kids as their parents stared in awe.  I provided some casting instruction at the end of my session.   I will be at the museum again today from 12:30 till 2:30 demonstrating tying and casting for those of you that are interested in coming out.  The display will be available to those visiting the museum most of the summer. Worth a drop by. The museum is located just south of Centerville DE on Rt 52, (5 miles south of the intersection with Rt 1 in PA).& ... Read More »

By KenP on 6/22/2014 9:36 AM

I rarely fish in the afternoon, but had the opportunity to get out for a few hours today. The fish were chasing black ghost streamer(thx for the tip Ed O ) as well as biting a few green caddis klinkhammer style adults.  A few other fisher were on the White Clay Creek, a Delaware River today so I skipped past a few of the "better" pool and contimued to fish the riffley water with very good success.


By KenP on 6/9/2014 2:31 PM

Fished with Captn Frank and a new friend of the WCFF as we plowed into the DH section of the WCC.  The fish were cleartly not feeding and we all worked hard to catch the few that came to hand.  A grrn caddis adult resulted in the fish I landed today.


By KenP on 5/5/2014 9:35 AM

Spent the early morning fishing Deer Creek in MD for shad.  I do this every year while the trout streams in our area get "begining of the season" pressure.  The water is slowly receeding from the early week flooding and although the creek was running faster than I would normally feel safe, the fish draw me to the creek.  This fishing is good practice for hook setting, as the shad are light biters.  They also jump and are very fair game for a light weight rod.  Time to do it before they head back out to sea.


By KenP on 5/2/2014 11:39 AM

I can't remember when the trout fishing on the White Clay Creek, a Delaware River in the PA Preserve has been this good.  Seems like the stocking has made our home water as good as any western river.  Some of the trout today were trophy size and they are biting a combination of caddis nymphs, crane fly larvae and midges.  Just a note.  I caught a few crane fly larvae this past week and to my surprise they were not tan with brown heads, but vary dark gray with black heads.  A few minutes at the tying vise filled my box with the "newer" version and I actually caught two nice browns on the new version today.


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