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Fishing Updates
Author: KenP Created: 7/15/2008 6:02 PM
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By KenP on 1/30/2013 10:02 AM

I met some nice people on the White Clay Creek, a Delaware River at  mid day today.  I generally fish earlier but teaching classes early and late today found me on the creek about noon.  The fish were hiding,  and with the barometer falling and the anchor ice was still in some places so I fished deep and in the rocky areas as well as on the ice edges.  A reminder that anchor ice is sharp and will cut a fly line so you should check your line for nicks and cuts after fishing icy winter days.  I was able to land one trout that had a few hook holes already in its lip.  Flashback PT sz 16 was only fly that was attractive.  It always amazes me that so many fish show themselves one day and the next day you think there are no fish in the creek.  The few folks I talk with must have felt the same as they were not that "lucky" today either. Read More »

By KenP on 1/29/2013 11:32 AM

Back on the White Clay Creek today on an unusually  warm Jan afternoon.  The fish were showing and the feeding lanes were obvious today.  Slightly cloudy conditions due to frozen ground run off, so I was using a san juan worm and midge dropper.  Success most  for the day.  Very nice afternoon.


By KenP on 1/28/2013 11:28 AM

I spent last week in Aruba with my wife and fished while she attended a conference.  I was guided by Laurenz to a few nice flats where we saw a number of bonefish, tarpon and snook.  Unfortunately none were hooked up.  So I fished from the beach the next few days and landed two bonefish one about 8 lbs, one snook, one baby tarpon and two jacks.  So much for the guiding! Daily temp was 87 degrees with a 15 knot east wind every day.


By KenP on 1/18/2013 1:49 PM

It was a very cold morning on the White Clay Creek , a Delaware River in PA today.  Air temp was 27 degrees at sunup and the water had fallen to 39.  The fish were kind of lathargic until about 9:00 am and then I was lucky to get a brace of browns on a golden retriever streamer.  Wind causing ice in the guides,  really is troubling so I was off the creek before 10 am.


By KenP on 1/17/2013 2:00 PM

The fishing continues to be outstanding and the mild winter weather makes it a pleasure to be outside doing what makes me pretty happy.  The fish were a mixed bag of browns and rainbows today.  After attending the White Clay Fly Fishers monthly meeting this past Tuesday night , I was reminded about some flies that my friend Doug J calls his favorites.  So I was onto that Shenks minnow which I tie in the traditional all white.  It was a trout magnet today.  I also experimented with the Joe A tied Marla Blair pattern that I had mistakenly was fishing in the film.  Seems it was supposed to be fished near the bottom. It also accounted for one fish today too.  Thanks to all my fly fishing friends that share, something I think most of us in the fly fishing community are not afraid to do.


By KenP on 1/16/2013 2:15 PM

Just wanted to give a plug to readers of this blog to look out for (and maybe order) Sean O'Donnell's new book on fishing the DelMarVa.  Very nicely done with a lot a local patterns that Sean and his dad Ed have used successfully.   If you are attending the fly show in Lancaster in March you will be able to get a signed copy since Sean will be at the book sellers booth signing this new book.  A search on google will help you find a copy to get via mailorder.  I understand some signed copies will be available at the Feb 19th White Clay Flyfishers meeting also.


By KenP on 1/15/2013 9:08 PM

The fishing was slower today. Maybe all those weekend fishers had the fish  spooked.  Today I fished my favorite stretch while experimenting with a few new emergers.  Only was able to raise one fish but found where the stream has taken on new character created by some of the latest rain and runoff.  I am always taken by surprise at how little rain we may receive locally and how much flow passes from runnoff from upstream conditions. 


By KenP on 1/13/2013 10:31 AM

Fished in foggy conditions this morning.  So did a number of other fishers including my friend H Tom.  I saw a few monster fish hiding in the sharpless road snag.  No way to catch any of them though.  I managed three nice browns today, all on a sulfur dry fly size 14.  After the wind started to pick up the fish would not even look at a fly drifted onto their nose.  So with cold toes and fingers I quit for the day.  Water and air temp were both 41 degrees at daybreak today.


By KenP on 1/12/2013 11:28 AM

Can't fish today, but I just wanted to pass on a little tidbit.  With the ground frozen and partially thawed this winter a small shower like last night really effects the flow rate and turbidity of the WCC.  Just check out the USGS water flow data and you'll see what I mean about last nights rain event.  A visual today also indicates that the creek saw substantial run off as the flow made a spike during the overnight.


By KenP on 1/11/2013 11:23 AM

Made it out to the Whte Clay Creek today before it started to rain and found the barometer falling but the fish cooperative again.  Joe A offered me a Marla Blair emerger which accounted for just one fish, but the squirrel nymph worked to accumulate a few more.  The nice weather has awakened a number fo fishers so you need to pick your spots if you plan to fish this weekend.


By KenP on 1/10/2013 1:01 PM

Both the weather and the fishing continue to be warming up.  The browns attacked caddis emergers today.  An emerging caddis pupea tan sz 14 and a little black stone pupea were the ticket to steady action this morning.  The nice weather will attract more fishers over the next few days so be a good citiizen if you are out there and pick up some of the trash that is accumulating in the parking lots and on stream side trails. And if you are a fisher reading this that smokes Newport box - stop littering.


By KenP on 1/9/2013 4:30 PM

Yesterday was so successful, and today was also mild so I gave the White Clay Creek, a Delaware River a try again.  This time I fished above the Sharpless Rd bridge as a few other fishers were upstream.  A yellow Edson tiger stream recorded a few rainbows and that muskrat nymph I used yesterday collected a few nice browns about 14".  If you are interested in fly fishing you'll want to attend the public fly fishing class put on by the White Clay Fly Fishers starting on Feb 26th for seven weeks.  Fishers of all experience can learn something or just get a refresher before opening day.  You'll also meet some nice people that have a like interest,  and you might even earn a fishing partner for the future.  I teach knot tying as part of the first night presentation, so it is a good hands on refresher for all levels of experience.

K ... Read More »

By KenP on 1/8/2013 4:24 PM

The White Clay Creek in PA is a wonderful place to fish.  I have had the honor to have fished it for the last 25 years.  I have  some favorite sections too that I have discussed in this blog, so when I say I fished "my favorite" section, those of you who know me know where I mean.  So this afternoon I fished "it".  The fish were very slow to come to a streamer today.  But they liked a non descript nymph my friend Dave turned me onto a few years back.  Just a bunch of muskrat fur fashioned to the hook to look like a nymph sz 16/18.  Tied in tandem with a WCC midge made all the difference today.  The fish were mostly browns.  So I guess the White Clay Fly Fishers were successful with their winter raffle event.


By KenP on 1/2/2013 3:19 PM

Fished yesterday at dam #2 in DE on the White Clay Creek. a Delaware River in DE. I have been doing the Jan 1st "thing" for a number of years as a tribute to my friend Dave I who has moved on to better pastures in Tx.  No not dead, just relocated.  The fishing was slow and I used a Wilcox micro stone. a pattern I have had tremendous success with on New Years day,  and at the dam location.  Water was running typical for winter and a few flies were lost to the bottom as well as a few fish coming to hand.  Did not see any DNRC officers checking licensing this year, must be that the budget cuts have them taking the day off.



By KenP on 12/31/2012 4:34 PM

Happy New Year to all.  Don't forget to buy your new MD, DE, & PA licenses for 2013 on line.  See you on the WCC at Dam number two after daybreak tomorrow.


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