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Author: KenP Created: 7/15/2008 6:02 PM
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By KenP on 8/30/2009 1:43 PM

The water was made unfishable by the PA rainstorm overnight Sat.  Tomorrow should see some improvement.  BTW - those of you starting to get ready for salmon season will find some new flies in the shop.  We are also stocked with some very nice hen capes that will make great soft hackle collars on your salmon/steelhead flies.  Very reasonably priced too.  We still have a few 8X Cloudveil waders on special closeout - going fast at these rock bottom pricies.


By KenP on 8/28/2009 12:57 PM

Fished beween the drops today on the White Clay Creek in PA.  Needed to catch a few trout as I was off the stream yesterday so I went to the number one fish catching fly for 2009, a golden retriever streamer.  It didn't disappoint and two rainbows fell for the imitation in the somewhat tainted water.  Water temp had fallen to 68 degrees this morning and the cool morning was a nice departure from those streamy mornings this past week.  I am very encouraged by the quality of the fishing on the WCC this year - one of the best years in the past ten or so.Get out there and wet a line.  You'll be pleasantly surprized.  Those of you salt water fishing can look forwarded to joining the Saltwater Fly Anglers of Delaware for their annual conclave scheduled for an upcoming weekend in October.  More on that soon.


By KenP on 8/27/2009 4:46 PM

I didn't fish today in order to have some surgery on my face,  to rule out any potential melenoma.  See you out there tomorrow.  Hope my new face doesn't scare the fish.  Me & MJ all the way.


By KenP on 8/26/2009 10:05 AM

You salmon and steel headers may be interested in tying up a substitute bomber dry fly pattern that was highlighted on pg 13 of the August issue of American Angler - the Coyote.  We have a nice selection of prime coyote fur in stock, so you can get started tying for those fall trips to the Salmon, Cat & OO this fall.


By KenP on 8/26/2009 5:55 AM

The last few days have water levels back to normal flow and the fish have taken up feeding positions in the morning.  I found a new snag on the DH in the White Clay Creek, a Delaware River, which was holding  a half dozen trout. It produced  three of them and when I approached it the following day, after an evening rain downpour, the snag was gone!  The heavy rains have created some new habitat all holding fish.  You just have to be out there to find them.  Here today, gone tomorrow.  Some interesting news about the bugs. I was privy to a pale evening dun spinner fall this week.  I captured one of them and had it identified. It was as a size 16.  I still have the sample in the shop.  My surprise is that in 18 years of fishing this section of the stream I had never seen this species.  But the proof is in the sample vial for you to see when you stop by. Read More »

By KenP on 8/22/2009 10:50 AM

The White Clay Creek was running 20 times normal this morning due to the overnight rains.  The washdown from PA had Delaware recording water levels over the measuring devices.  If you wander out today try fishing the edges with a large streamer or a fly that moves some water.  Tomorrow should have better conditions. Here's a shot of a nice alaskan rainbow.


By KenP on 8/21/2009 3:29 PM

Worked over a section of the DH in the White Clay Creek . Yeah it was hot and muggy and the breathable waders aren't breathable enough....wet through and through.  The fish were a bit picky with only one trout and a few gills coming to hand.  Try an olive bead head hare's ear.  My friend Capt. Frank  D. reported catching a nice 14" rainbow and a few blue gill also using a custom tied olive pheasant tail in the Delaware fly fhisig only section of the WCC. Does olive constitute a thread here?  The weather looks like it isn't going to cooperate over the weekend, but that shouldn't stop you from fishing between the raindrops.


By KenP on 8/20/2009 10:36 AM

Andrew and I cleared downed trees today so no fishing for me.  We came across an interesting critter while working.  Can any of you out there ID this mini monster?


By KenP on 8/15/2009 6:34 AM

The White Clay Creek, a Delaware River, conditions have returned to normal after two days of unfishable local flooding.  I walked the stream this morning since I have an early shop opening today - Sat Aug 15.  The silt has settled in some new spots and a few new gravel bars grace the bottom.  Get out there and see how the stream has changed with the rainy conditions we have been experiencing. Try a size 18 caddis - olive or cream colored fished below a large dry fly indicator.  I think you will find some nice size and numbers of fish are available.


By KenP on 8/12/2009 11:38 AM

Our internet connection has been down since the storms this past sunday.  I have been out fishing each day.  The stream continues to get hammered by run off, but the fish continue to feed as the water receeds.  Best fly options have been a small caddis size 18 and olive/green and olive hares ear nymphs.  I have also had some luck with a gantners renegade a renegade variation with a red ice dub butt.  You will find that the silt has been moved around and some new patches of rocky bottom are attracting some browns with spawning activity present!

The water temp continues in the high 60's with no sign of stressed or expired fish in sight. 


By KenP on 8/8/2009 8:57 AM

No fishing today as I have to cover the store and an early opening.  Enjoy yesterdays laker pix this time front view.


By KenP on 8/7/2009 8:22 PM

The fish just weren't in a feeding mood today.  Managed two fish on a caddis emerger.  The stream conditions are normal but the silt has been moved around, creating some new holes.  Here's a peek at one of the fish caught in Alaska this June 2009.

  32" Lake trout, Roger's rod and a WCO cap.  Sweet!


By KenP on 8/6/2009 11:03 AM

Played golf this morning.    Back to fishing tomorrow.


By KenP on 8/5/2009 9:26 AM

The White Clay Creek a Delaware River is back to normal.  Local thunder storm downpours change the creek flow and conditions.  You can see the USGS flow monitor results on the web or you can get out there and fish and see the new conditions for yourself!  The fish were in all the usual holdiing spots today, feeding in the riffles.  Almost all the nymphs I fished worked .  As predictable as a hares ear nymph is, if it was an olive one that took fish.


By KenP on 8/4/2009 2:52 PM

The White Clay Creek, a Delaware River in DE and PA recovers quickly from rain events like we have had over the last few days.  Although it was running quite cloudy today the flow was back to about normal with water temp at 67 degrees today at 7:15 am.  The rainbows are still showing a preference for the DW streamer with four fish landed today.  I think this fly deserves a spot in  my best flies box as it has produced for over a week now even in the most demanding conditions.


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