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Fishing Updates
Author: KenP Created: 7/15/2008 6:02 PM
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By KenP on 9/26/2008 10:47 AM

Thanks to my friend and superb tyer Joe Allison I was able to catch three nice rainbows today.  He tied a chartruese "The Usual"  ( a Fran Betters pattern) last night at the White Clay Fly Fishers public tying session at the London Tract meeting house, and I used it this morning. Water temp was 60 degrees this morning.  Although there was a slight intermittent rain, I saw no hatch today.  Very overcast, but the trout were still cooperating.  A nice pod of fish had moved back into the pool above the London Tract bridge and were hanging out with a koi that some tropical fish owner must have dumped into the creek.  The Usual did it's job until a very large brown tore it off my 5X tippet.  Joe - please tie up a few more for me. Thx for making my morning.


By KenP on 9/25/2008 12:39 PM

With a 15 mile wind and cooler morning temps I decided to fish a streamer in the White Clay Creek a Delaware river, flyfishing section above Chambers Rock in the White Clay Creek Preserve.  The fish were willing to take a large edson tiger dark and a golden dem,on streamer fished down and across and then swept across the stream.  I never really got out of the riffles section half way to PA since both small rainbows and browns showed good willingness to chase that streamer - it was fun!

Water temp this morning at 7:30 pm was 60 degrees in a shady section of the creek. I missed reporting out yesterday as I had a small medical procedure that interfered with my fishing time. Customers in the store yeasterday told me that the PA section at the PA Delaware line on the White Clay Creek was still producing smallmouth near the RR tressles.   Expect the water level to be up after our weather event predicted for Thurs nite & friday.  That ... Read More »

By KenP on 9/23/2008 3:01 PM

This morning I ran onto a small blue wing olive hatch and luckily I had the right size (20) in my box.  Two rainbows fell for the BWO and a brown rose to take a parachute Pale Morning Dun - yellow in a size 20.  Very surprizing to see this hatch this early, but really fun.  The water temp was 62 degrees this morning and the leaves are starting to accumulate in shallow corners.  This activity all occurred just as the sun was on the water about 7:50 am.  Fished downstream from the London Tract bridge in the straight section below the mud bank curve.

BTW - the bridge construction on the Chambers Road bridge on the Delaware section the the White Clay Creek is now complete and it looks like I was mistaken about the deck work.  All the work was done below the bridge deck.  The large parking lot gate was open this morning when I traveled past at 10:30 am.

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By KenP on 9/22/2008 5:56 PM

Fished with my good friends, Xavi, Toni, Rick & Winn in the bay with Capt, Brian Counsell.  We had a limit of blues and a few stroipers in a morning session.  Rick and I farmed them up primarliy with with char/white clousers and large craft fur streamers, while the rest of the group keep them close to the boat with live bait.  I'll be back on the White Clay on Tuesday.

By KenP on 9/21/2008 2:52 PM

I had the privilege of fishing the low country of South Carolina with Capt. Chad Ferris this past week .  We saw a number of redfish and fished the flood tide during late morning hours on the full moon.   Best flies were char/white clouser and my own pattern the one-eyed nothin'.  If you have the opportunity to be near Charlston SC I will be glad to hook you up with Capt Chad.

By KenP on 9/13/2008 10:28 AM

Tried the "back" side this morning at Watson's Mill and Yeatsman Rds for about 1 1/2 hrs and was able to tempt one rainbow and a handfull of sun fish.  Had reports that there were "no fish" in this section.  Well those fishers should revisit.  All takes today on green Lafontaine style emergers.  The water was 66 degrees and cloudy with silt from last nights rain event.  I plan on giving the White Clay Creek, a Delaware River another try tonight.  I will be silent for the next week as I am traveling to fish for red fish in the Carolinas.

By KenP on 9/10/2008 1:42 PM

Started the day with a plan to fish and then get tires for the daughters car which has a flat (she just left it in the drive and said nothing).  So the donut spare was out of air so I aired it up and I changed out the flat and put it in the trunk.  On the way to fishing I got a second flat and the donut is starting to run flat too. So now I have no spare so I drove the car 6 miles on two flats and now I have four new tires and no fish ! Hope to report better news tomorrow.

By KenP on 9/9/2008 10:55 AM

Fished the white clay creek, a delaware river in the delaware flyfishing section. Could only farm up one small brown this morning. The fish were holding tight to rocky spots and not at all interested in eating. The brown hit a golden demon streamer size 8. The approching weather system seems to be having an effect this morning. Those interested in fishing the delaware flyfishing section of the white clay creek might want to approach it from the PA line and fish down stream as the construction to the chambers rock road bridge is temporarily blocking parking opportunities.

By KenP on 9/8/2008 11:14 AM

Spend a few hours this morning at London Tract Bridge section of the White Clay Creek in PA. The mud bank gave up two small rainbows and a nice brown was caught under the bridge. The rainbows ate leaf hoppers and the brown a olive bead head nymph. The water cleared up slightly with only a hint of fines and the water level was already down somewhat from the rain event. The water temp was 66 this morning at sun up around 6:30 am.

By KenP on 9/7/2008 8:18 PM

Got a chance this sunday to fish an afternoon session in Landenberg. The water was still full of fines but clearng up at least from reports given to me at noon. Used a black wooly with a green zug dropper and picked up two rainbows. Water temp was 67. Grass along the bank was laid down flat so the water was fast during the storm. No hatch activity - which made me sad.

By KenP on 9/5/2008 8:21 AM

Another productive mornng with two rainbows and two browns. Golden demon streamer took one of each and a green flashback baetis with a pupa dropper the others. That nameless emerger tyed last night at the public session sponsered by the White Clay Fly Fishers produced a big zero. The White Clay Creek, a Delaware River will be facing some flooding tonight, but it recovers quickly. Your best bet after the flooding will be near Auburn Rd in Landenberg, PA as the gorge clears up first. FYI, the bridge at Chambers Rock Road in Delaware at the lower edge of the White Clay Creek flyfishing section in Delaware is closed to traffic till 9/20/08. They seem to be resurfacing the bridge deck again. You can still get into the DCNR parking lot but a lot of construction vehicles are making it a waiting game at least for now. You can also gain access to the stream from the Thompson's Road side but you have to park on the road and there is some construction activity on that side too. Best bet may be to walk the stream from Ho ... Read More »

By KenP on 9/4/2008 10:15 PM

The fish must know about the impending flooding from the tropical storm because they hit every offering I put out this morning on the White Clay Creek, a Delaware river in White Clay Creek Preserve section in PA. Best fly was a size 22 trico. Had over 10 fish i less than two hours mostly stocker rainbows, although one was about 16-17 inches. Golden demon stream size 10 second best fly. They actually chased in down while ripping it across the stream using rod tip. Leaf hopper still producing also. Was a cool morning at 59 degrees at 6 am but the water temp was still 69 degrees. More tomorrow!

By KenP on 9/3/2008 8:37 AM

Fished the Delaware Fly Fishing section of the White Clay Creek in the White Clay Creek Preserve. Had the stream to my self this moring. The leaf hopper was effective again - this time the yellow version. Two small rainbows and a respectable brown in the riffle section below the trickle of a spring half way to PA line. Both the Delaware flyfishing only section and the PA section of the White Clay Creek Preserve are holding up well. I can only think that the lack of pressure is helping. Also landing your fish quickly and reviving them before release helps the mortality. The heron was following me around today. Normally I follow him!

By KenP on 9/2/2008 11:32 AM

Early morning was 70 degrees with the water about 69 degrees. A small trico hatch happened just before light was up and I caught two rainbows directly above the Good Hope Road bridge on the White Clay Creek, a Delaware River in PA. The female trico has a black thorax and the size 22 was working. Hard to see though! Later in the morning I picked up a brown and a rainbow at the big rock on a flash bugger - brown size 12. Was a productive morning but the hot temps over the next few days are sure to raise the water temp and effect the fishing. We need that rain from the hurricanes expected over the next week.

By KenP on 9/1/2008 8:22 PM

I don't get the chance to fish the evening rise often so I try to take advantage of it whenever I can. Tried the White Clay Creek section in Delaware at dam #2. You can park on Creek Road behind the University of Delaware dorms and fish all the way to Wedgewood Road. I fished a 500 yard section from the dam down stream. Picked up a nice breown about 15 inched on a micro stone pattern right in the face of the dam. Some leaves are still interfering with your drift in the slower sections but a leaf hopper (Jasid - blue size 16) continues to fake them out. Two more small rainbows hit the leaf hopper and two smallish smallmouth found it to their liking also. Fish the right side of the stream facing downstream across from the rip rap tiling on the canal side for that smallmouth action. Water is still somewhat low and 68 degrees at 6:30 pm.

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