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By KenP on 6/27/2011 3:21 PM

Ken with leopard rainbow

This is a typical Alagnak Alaskan leopard rainbow.  Somewhat like the monster trout stocked by DE this year.  This wild fish was 24" and fell for an articulated leach about 5" long. 

The WCC is still fishing well and a mixed bag of fish are still available.  Sorry these leopards only live in a few special drainages in the world. 

By KenP on 6/24/2011 12:49 PM

I have returned from another trip of a lifetime to Alaska, fishing for Leopard Rainbow Trout on the wilderness Alagnak River.  The fishing was great with a mix of rainbows, grayling and lake trout providing the "pull".  Once the pix are sorted I will post a few to let you see what you can experience on a future trip next year if you can see to it to accompany me.

I fished the White Clay Creek in PA this morning, in my new favorite stretch.  I caught a brace of trout on a size 18 elk hair caddis and a sz 10 crane fly adult.  Mixed in were a few red eyed rock and one smallie. A good morning before the lightning chased me off the water. 


By KenP on 6/5/2011 9:44 AM

You may have noticed that the page headers of the site now say: Delaware Flyfishing - Something New coming soon.  Stay tuned to the blog for update on plans for the new shop location.,  Till then you can reach me at 610 999-9897 or PO Box 166 Kemblesville PA 19347 or here on the site.

I fished the Brodheads this weekend while attending a wedding in the Poconos.  I also took a few minutes last night to fish the WCC in PA just before dark.  I may have a little time with the shop closing to fish the evening hatch and I will report what's happening as I experience that.  Last night, a combo hatch, caddis and trico event.  I was able to land two rainbows, one on each offering.


By KenP on 6/1/2011 10:05 AM

White Clay Outfitters is closed.  New contact info is as follows:

Ken Prager

PO Box 166 Kemblesville PA 19347

610 999-9897

Find us at:

Vintage Rod, Hilton Head Island, SC 29928  - 610.999.9897

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