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White Clay Outfitters - Uniquely tied flies

Great flies are part of the package at White Clay Outfitters - and these flies produce on Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and New Jersey waters!

Tying realistic imitations is fun and creative - You can learn these in our classes too! Tied by Everett Sapp

Rabbit and other furs are made easy with one-on-one and group classes led by our Rainey's pro staffer Doug Janiec.

Here is a colorful and effective pattern - one more of the great patterns you will learn at WCO.

Fly Tying Classes



The Future of Fly Fishing & FlyTying Class Schedule.  

Even as Ken Prager has relocated to Hilton Head Island SC, future classes can still be found.  The White Clay Fly fishers site will detail when fly tying happens every thursday nights from 6:00 till 9:00pm.  Ken will be glad to help you meet and greet the best fly tyers who can get you started.  The session is public and joining the White Clay Fly Fishers is easy and inexpensive.  You can start tying with instruction without any investment in equipment as the WCFF have adequate materials and tools to get you started.  Contact me at 610 999-9897 for more information on getting started. Groups are also welcome.  Whether you're part of a group of friends or have a spouse, son or daughter, the WCFF's will provide a tying experience to get you started. 


Getting started flytying


.  Beginners and advanced tyers alike need the best tools they can afford.  You need the following quality tools :

   >  Sharp, fine pointed scissors for cutting fine materials.  Also a second pair of general purpose scissors.  Never cut wire or hard materials with your fine points.

    > Whip finisher - we suggest using a Materelli as it is designed to do the job better. 

   > Hackle pliers- one that holds a hackle securely.  Many good one are available but we like the Griffin rotating one, especially when using a rotary style vise.

   > Bodkin - for delivering head cement to secure a finished head, and for picking out thorax legs on buggy nymphs.  Make your own or buy one, but be sure the handle is not round or it will roll around your bench!


Some additional tools to buy we find productive:

   > Beadzer - to handle cyclops beads or others.  This tool makes the job easier to mount beads on the hook.

   > Portable light source.  We like the white natural light produced by "Daylight and Ott Brand".

   > Magnum hair stacker - this new "jumbo" style allows you to cut and stack more hair at one time - saving time and getting your bucktails off your bench while tying.

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