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Custom flies using unique materials

Sparsely tied clouser by tier Ken Prager

This is a fun and effective fly pattern - Alpacas mosquito tied by White Clay Outfitters Pro Doug Janiec

Melding techniques from all types of fishing - here is a 60 degree jig style hook wet fly - very neat!

Custom flytying - Solve problems: create your own special patterns

Custom flies are what makes fly tying imaginative.  Fly fishing with your own creations adds a dimension to both your flyfishing and flytying that can only be experienced when you have the ability to imagine what no other can imagine.  The use of unique materials or everyday flytying materials in different ways is a highlight in our sport. 

Solving special fly fishing problems with a custom fly is very rewarding.  Ken Prager can help you with this creative approach.  Using selected flytying materials and the expertise to advise you how to use them in the most creative and imaginative ways can expand your tying experience. 

Let Ken help you develop your own custom flies to solve the special flyfishing problems you encounter.




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The flies shown on left were tied by Doug Janiec and Ken Prager to show how new materials and hook styles can be incorporated into your fly tying. 

  • The sparse use of material in the clouser style flashback allows the fly tyer to maintain a baitfish shape while still characterizing a clouser fly.
  • The use of alpacas on a red hook adds new dimensions to a common dry fly pattern.
  • The 60 degree jig hooks allows the flytyer and flyfishing enthusiast to expand their options and create a custom look. 
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