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Salmon River - Pulaski NY 10/15 & 16 2008

Here are some pix of a productive trip to the Salmon River - Fishers Carl Frey and Ken Prager

Carl with nice male - fishing with Ken from White Clay Outfitters, Newark, Delaware                       White Clay Outfitters owner, Ken Prager with fresh salmon, caught and released  Two fish caught in the upper fly section above the wire

Carl with steelhead caught on an egg sucking leach tied with material from White Clay Outfitters, Newark, Delaware                       Nice sunny day - nice fish too! Carl's steelhead- a real bonus. Ken uses anti-reverse reel to avoid injury.

White Clay Outfitters rod builder, Ken's purple salmon fly in the corner of the salmon's mouth                     Carl helping Ken by removing fly from salmon's mouth before releasing the fish. Aggresive salmon are caught in the mouth - not snagged!

Salmon caught on Grey's G-Tech 6 piece  8 wt. fly rod - Get one at White Clay Outfitters, Newark, Delaware                       Carl with bent custom rod built with components from White Clay Outfitters, Newark, Delaware Be safe on the river and enjoy your fishing.


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