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Ken Prager will be providing a full service custom rod shop with repair capabilities. Rod blank stock contain over 300 rod blanks and custom build rods on blanks from major manufactures like St. Croix,  Temple Forks, Sage, Winston, NFC & Rogue. Our inventory of rod building components and supplies are available from all the major manufacturer's like Batson, Fuji, Flexcoat and U-40 . 

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Ken Prager has been building custom rods for many years and continues to have full service rod shop for new rods and rod repair. He spent a first career in the corrugated box industry and a second career in the post tension steel business.  Opportunities to fish were always available as many manufacturing facilities Ken worked in were in rural locations.  Ken has experience fishing the Gulf coast, in Florida, Texas, and Louisiana.  Ken has fished for bonefish and permit in the Caribbean and Mexican waters.  He has fished the North Carolina coast for over 30 years.  Ken has fished and documented changes on the White Clay Creek for the past 23 years and continues to fish it almost daily (see the blog on the White Clay Creek tab).  Ken has spent many hours fishing the Big Elk in Maryland and Pennsylvania as it is within walking distance of his home. A creative fly tyer, Ken formerly taught the advanced and techniques classes at White Clay Outfitters, and will continue to provide educational and skill improvement lessons to all comers.  Ken's wildly successful rod building class continues to attract new rod builders of all ages. Ken will continue the task of webmaster on this site.  Expect great things to appear on the web site:  and

Vintage Rod is now located for business on Hilton Head Island, SC 29928. We'll repair your broken rods, set you up with the right flies or offer helpful information on tying your own flies to make your fly fishing outing on the White Clay Creek more enjoyable.  Flyfishing the delayed harvest portion of the White Clay Creek Preserve and in the White Clay Creek Delaware Fly Fishing section continues to be productive.  See our blog for historic flyfishing information that includes locations on the White Clay Creek a Delaware River in both Delaware and Pennsylvania, as well as water conditions and effective flies.

Vintage Rod will offers a large selection of fly tying materials as well as feature a full service custom rod and repair shop. Custom flies are available by special order. Waders, boots, flylines, reels and rods will continue to be offered from quality hand selected manufacturers.



Vintage Rod

Hilton Head Island, SC 29928

610 999-9897



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Vintage Rod, Hilton Head Island, SC 29928  - 610.999.9897

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